SimStudent Project Overview

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What is SimStudent?

SimStudent is a computational model of human learning. Especially, it is a model of inducing rules by generating explanations of example problem solving steps.  SimStudent allows us to study domain-general mechanisms of skill acquisition, which in turn provides us opportunities to advance theories of machine- and human-learning.

What can we do with SimStudent?

There are three major areas of research as applications of SimStudent as listed below (see Projects page for details of each applications).

  1. Theory building -- exploring sciences of learning with SimStudent as simulation of student learning
  1. Intelligent Authoring -- building a Cognitive Tutor by demonstrating SimStudent as an automated cognitive modeller
  1. Teachable Peer Agent -- letting students learn by teaching SimStudent as a peer learner

I'm interested!  Where can I find more about how to use SimStudent?

The User's Guide tells you where to find SimStudent.  It also provides you tutorials on how to use SimStudent as well as technical details for the advanced users to apply SimStudent to your own projects.  There are also some cool video clips available to learn more about SimStudent.