User Guide & Demo

Demo Videos

Quick Intro to APLUS

This 3 minutes video tells you all about APLUS, an online learning environment for learning by teaching SimStudent

From our study participant

A study participant sharing her experience with APLUS and SimStudent

Constructive Tutee Inquiry

This video shows the latest feature of SimStudent asking constructive questions to help student tutors reflect their understanding on algebra concepts.

Try SimStudent

Java Applet:

You can download a run-time Java package on your computer (Windows or Mac) and run APLUS as shown in the videos. Click here to download:


Please download the package here and read the README file.

For Advanced Users:

If you would like to customize SimStudent's behavior or apply it to use in your own project, there are a number of ways that you can do so.  The document for Advanced Users would help you learn more about these.

SimStudent is available as a built-in component of CTAT (Cognitive Tutor Authoring Tools).  Go to CTAT web page, and find the link to "Download CTAT" under the "Getting Started" section.

The teachable agent version of SimStudent in the Learning-by-Teaching Environment is available for download here.   Unzip the file and run "" in SimStAlgebraV7.  Click here for details about how to run the software. 

Once you get CTAT and SimStudent installed, then you should read through tutorials on how to play with SimStudent, which is available at the Examples page.