Matsuda, N., Van Velsen, M., Barbalios, N., Lin, L., Vasa, H., Hosseini, R., . . . Bier, N. (2016). Cognitive Tutors Produce Adaptive Online Course: Inaugural Field Trial. In A. Micarelli, J. Stamper & K. Panourgia (Eds.), Proceedings of the International Conference on Intelligent Tutoring Systems (pp. 327-333). Switzerland: Springer.

Abstract. We hypothesize that when cognitive tutors are integrated into online courseware, the online courseware can provide a new type of adaptive instruc- tions, such as impasse-driven adaptive remediation and need-based assessments. As a proof of concept, we have developed an adaptive online course on the Open Learning Initiative (OLI) platform by integrating four new instances of cognitive tutors into an existing OLI course. Cognitive tutors were created with an innovative cognitive tutor authoring system called WATSON. To evaluate the effectiveness of the adaptive online course, a quasi-experiment was conducted in a gateway course at Carnegie Mellon University. The results show that the proposed adaptive online course technology is robust enough to be used in actu- al classroom with mixed effect for learning.

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