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Steps to run APLUS:
This section outlines the steps on how to run APLUS after downloading the .zip file from the User's Guide page. You must follow the steps in order to be able to run APLUS on your system.
1.  After downloading the (x and y are the major and minor version numbers respectively) on your system,   unzip the file using an unzip utility of your choice.
2.  Click on the unzipped folder. You should see the 3 folders namely:
    a. FOIL6
    b. lib
    c. SimStAlgebraVx (x is the major version number)
3.  Open up a terminal and move to the folder where you unzipped the files above. Once you are in the destination folder go to the SimStAlgebraVx folder. For example, if you are using *NIX platform you should do the following:
    $  cd SimStAlgebraV5
4.  Once you are in the SimStAlgebraVx folder you should see file. This is the file that you need to run to be able to launch SimStudent. Now you can launch SimStudent by running the shell script**. On the terminal, do the following
    $  ./
You should now see the APLUS platform being loaded. Once the APLUS platform comes up you are ready to go and play around with it.
** You need to have executable permissions to be able to run the shell script. If you don't have one you can do the following to get executable permission
    $ chmod a+x
chmod a+x would give all (user group and others) execute permission