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Learning Equations by Teaching SimStudent

How to use "Learning by Teaching SimStudent" learning system

1. Download the software module from here...

2. Extract the ZIP'd file anywhere you like

3. Open a shell window by using one of the following:

  • "Terminal" for Mac
  • "bash" for Windows with Cygwin
  • "cmd" for Windows ONLY when you don't have Cygwin

4. CD (change directory) to LucyAlgebra5-9PK/SimStAlgebraV5

  • To help you navigate... use a command "cd" to change a directory
  • use a command "ls to list the contents of a directory

5. Run "" by typing "./" in the command prompt and hit the Return key, if you are using Mac or Cygwin, otherwise run "runTutor.bat"

To learn how to tutor SimStudent, click on the "SimStudent Introduction" button at the bottom to watch an introductory video.