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Running Interactive Learning In Batch-mode

Running Interactive Learning with Carnegie Learning Algebra I Tutor

See also Learning by Demonstration in batch-mode


SimStudent can be tutored by Carnegie Learning Algebra I Tutor (the CL Tutor, hereafter). All what you need is to pose training problems for SimStudent. The training problems must be stored as BRD (even though the steps in the BRD won't be used for learning).

You can also use the CL Tutor to test SimStudent (i.e., to assess the quality of the production rules generated by SimStudent).  To do so, you can just give SimStudent a set of test problems. The test problems must be stored as the BRD files with _complete_ solutions, since SimStudent will be tested for each of the stpes in a BRD whether or not SimStudent can perform the step correctly (i.e., SimStudent won't make a solution for a given problem, but rather perform single steps and will be judged their correctness).


Instruction to run Interactive Learning in batch-mode

1. Save BRD files for training and testing

BRD files both for training and testing must be saved as individual BRD files each contain a single problem with a single solutions (and optional incorrect steps, which might be especially handy when you want to test if SimStudent learns the same error as human students do)

2. Run a CL Tutor server

Get the InquirySolverTutor and run the server

3. Run SimStudent

3.1. Make a shell script

You just need to invoke the class for a student interface that you authored. Specify following command line arguments:

-ssAnalysisOfFitnessWilkinsburg Indicates to run SimStudent in a batch-mode
-ssInteractiveLearning Indicates to run Interactive Learning
-ssCacheOracleInquiry <flag> Use a cache (hence it speeds up) for flagged feedback if <flag> is true.
-ssRuleActivationTestMethod ClTutorSolver Indicates to use InquirySolverTutor as an oracle to get flagged feedback
-ssHintMethod ClTutorSolver Indicates to use InquirySolverTutor as an oracle to get hints
-ssClSolverTutorHost localhost Specify a machine on which the InquirySolverTutor is running

See also a list of command line arguments.

Sample shell script is available here

3.2 Run SimStudent

Once you run SimStudent, you have a few things that you may want to pay attention: A text file contains the production rules that have been learned most recently. If you are interested in how  production rules had been learned, then take a look at the pr-age folder, which is described below.
pr-age A folder (directory) where the past files are archived. There are two types of archive files shown below:
  • contains a total of yyy production rules that are learned in zzz demonstrated steps.
  •, which shows the production rules learned after the xxx-th training problem is completed with the total of yyy production rules learned in zzz steps.

Last Updated January 24, 2010