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Advanced Users

By now, you may love to use SimStudent.  You may not only love SimStudent, but you may also start thinking how you could use SimStudent for your own project!

Apply SimStudent to your own CTAT Tutor:

If you would like to apply SimStudent to a CTAT Tutor that you have created, then you need to set it up to use the SimStudent Author's Toolkit.  See "SimStudent Author's Toolkit" for more details.
If you would like to use SimStudent for your very own Cognitive Tutor for a subject domain other than algebra equation solving (which is used in the example page), you might need to provide domain specific background knowledge for SimStudent to learn skills in that particular domain.  See "Writing background knowledge" for more details.
Applying SimStudent Teachable Agent to your own subject domain:
If you would like to create your own SimStudent Peer Learning Environment with Lucy, then you will need to go through the steps to create a learning-by-teaching environment.  See "Making your own Learning-by-Teaching environment" for more details. 

Applying SimStudent for simulation studies:

If you would like to use SimStudent to simulate students learning, then you may want to run SimStudent with pre-recorded solutions, instead of playing with SimStudent interactively. See "Running SimStudent in the batch-mode" for more details.

Further Extending SimStudent: 

If you want to customize SimStudent's behavior, then you may want to make use of some of the different command line arguments to change SimStudent's settings.  See "Command line arguments" for more details.

The descriptions which SimStudent uses for things, including examples used and selfExplanation questions & answers, can also be further configured.  See "Config File Information" for more details.

You can also extend the working memory element (WME) structure to manually define "chunks" of WME.  See "Defining WME Chunks" for more details. 
CL SolverTutor Available(Running SimStudent in batch-mode):
You can now make use of CLSolverTutor oracle in batch-mode to activate logging.  See "Using CLSolverTutor in batch-mode" for more details.   
Logging SimStudent sessions:

If you would like to analyze the results of using SimStudent, then you may want to configure SimStudent for logging and read SimStudent log files.  See "Setting up SimStudent to log to DataShop" and "SimStudent Logging Documentation Schema" for more details.