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Tuning Cognitive Tutors into a Platform for Learning-by-Teaching

Matsuda, N., Cohen, W. W., Koedinger, K. R., Stylianides, G., Keiser, V., & Raizada, R. (2010). Cognitive Tutors into a Platform for Learning-by-Teaching with SimStudent Technology Proceedings of the International Workshop on Adaptation and Personalization in E-B/Learning using Pedagogic Conversational Agents (APLeC) (pp.20-25).

Abstract: To study cognitive and social factors that facilitate the tutor-learning effect, we have developed an on-line game-like environment where students learn algebra equation solving by teaching a computer agent, called SimStudent. SimStudent is a first pedagogical teachable agent that commits to genuine inductive learning and studied in authentic classroom settings. Our Learning by Teaching (LBT) environment is also designed to be highly modular and domain independent. Furthermore, the tutoring interface used in the proposed LTB en-vironment is automatically extracted from a Cognitive Tutor authored with Cognitive Tutor Authoring Tools. Thus, it is fairly easy to build a LBT envi-ronment for a new subject domain. 

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Noboru Matsuda,
May 15, 2010, 1:48 PM